Building Better Business Stories Through Words and Pictures

Born with an uncanny ability to find fault, Lauren Hauptman quickly realized popularity might not be in her future. So she honed her innate gift into a freakishly attuned talent for improving the work of others. She is seldom found without a red pen in hand and has pledged to eradicate superfluous apostrophes and other such mortal sins wherever they dwell.

A seasoned communications professional with more than two decades of publishing, marketing-communications, branding and fundraising experience in a variety of environments, Lauren Hauptman is a versatile editor/writer/designer with a sense of style and extensive expertise. She really does do it all: She’s one of those odd few who can make your materials both sound beautiful (she’ll write and edit your copy within an inch of its life) and look beautiful (she’ll design your project with panache and punch).

Through LAUREN HAUPTMAN INK, she offers editorial and creative services, adaptable to your needs and goals. She produces a wide range of materials and content: from marketing promotions, brochures and ad copy; to newsletters, invitations and PowerPoint presentations; to reviews, columns and feature stories; to press releases, website content and fundraising solicitations. She has authored numerous style and branding guides, with an eye for detail, consistency and continuity.

Lauren Hauptman has worked with many magazines, publications, companies and organizations, wearing every hat from writer to editor to designer, and has designed and implemented editorial-production processes in a wide variety of environments. Her clients range from sole proprietors to multinational corporations.

Each project she undertakes is managed from conception to fruition with all the detail-oriented attention a born anal-retentive can muster.

To learn more, contact Lauren Hauptman at or 415-994-9424.